Mindful Meditation, Falkirk Sewing Studio in Callander Square

Every last Tuesday of the Month for 3 Months.

Starting on the 28th of May at 11-12 am

Please bring a blanket and cushion.


This will be an introduction to the science of mind

Hi, my name is Yvonne and I have studied science of the mind for several years, incorporating it into my life for positive changes. With my 'tried-and-tested' - but unique approach, I help people realise their potential for change. In these 6 weeks I will introduce you to a better understanding of the following challenges we all face:

  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Career/Interviews
  • Relationships communication
  • Fears/Phobias
  • Health/Wellbeing/Nutrition
  • Clour/Energy and how we can incorporate it into our lives positively.



The course will run as seen below:

  • 1 Hour sessions starting on the 7th of February for 6 weeks.
  • Every Wednesday from 7.30-8.30 pm.
  • The cost will be £20 per person but price for the last session will decrease to £10 if you attend all the previous sessions.